Most Popular Blog Topics That Make Money

Most Popular Blog Topics That Make Money

Hello and Welcome to Blogging ERA,

Do you want to create a blog that makes money? Of course, you do

You want to start an online business, but you have no ideas where to start from and what are the profitable niches that make money.

Don’t worry buddy I got your list of top niche that generates money. All you need is to think properly before entering into any business.

How funny it is when some bloggers advise there audience to find a niche in which you are passionate about instead of telling that there are only some niche where you can make a good amount of money if you really want to make a living with your blog.

Although I do think that you can make money from any niche that you decided but there are some pacific niches where you can build an audience quite easier and make money from that niche.

If you ask yourself why you want to start blogging, I think there are 2 answers only-

1- You want to make money

2- You want to help people by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Tell me you one straight fact that not a single blogger I have seen in my life that has started blogging because of their passion or they want to teach the world as they are very passionate about it.

It is quite simple to understand when you are making hell good amount of money from blogging then you automatically become passionate about your blog topics.

When it comes to choosing a niche it is quite difficult to understand what people want. You need to choose a niche in which you can represent yourself in better ways where people listen to you and understand you what you are telling them. If you can show them how to be better with money they will start listening to you.

So my advice is to start right from the beginning and don’t want your time creating a blog that doesn’t generate much traffic and revenue. Choose a profitable blog niche to start and create content based on that niche.

So, below are the top blog niches to start a blog are.

1- How to make money

Today every single person wants to make money to live a luxury life. So this is the most profitable niche where you can earn a hell lot of money by telling others how to make money.

It’s so great that many bloggers teach you how to make money and they make money through those types of blog posts only. This niche has no limit to making money. All you need to show your audience new and the easiest ways of making money.

So according to me, this niche is the easiest way to make money if you can show that you are making money yourself already.

Top Blogger In This Niche

2- Travel

I think I don’t need to tell you that travel is also the most profitable niche. Online travel purchases are increasing rapidly day by day, from flights to hotel booking to travel clothing.

The potential of making money online through travel blog is huge and this is the reason that travel blogging is one of the most profitable blog niches.

You make money with a travel blog by giving hotel reviews, writing place to visit the particular areas, write a travel guide and many more.

Top Blogger In This Niche

3- Personal Finance

People out there always need help managing their money or securing money they need for important expenses. You can say that this is the sub-niche that come under the how to make money. Personal Finance tech you how to make money and how to save money.

Yes, you can work this niche and how to make money at the same time as mine. All you need is to teach your audience that how to save many through different ideas.

Top Blogger In This Niche

4- Health

As everyone wants to stay healthy and due to a lot of work pressure from their jobs and other things, people are always looking for the advice which they can do easily.

If you have a good knowledge of health and fitness, then you can make a hell lot of money by giving healthy advice about health care, supplements, fitness, and diet plans.

There are lots of companies out where which offer affiliate programs for bloggers to make money from there blog.

Here are the some of the ideas on which you can start your blog-

  • Health and diet plans blog
  • Gym exercises blog
  • Woman fitness blog
  • Yoga blog
  • Bodybuilding supplement blog
  • Healthy recipes blog

Top Blogger In This Niche

5- Beauty and Fashion

This niche can also make a good amount of money as online shopping is very easy and stress-free.

The fashion industry has huge potential for online sales so if you are good in a fashion then why not start a fashion blog. All you need is to make some good fashion videos and portfolio so that others can see your fashion guideline. You have to make some makeup video tutorials and sometimes you need to write an article about the trending fashion guideline.

There are lots of companies which offer an affiliate program for a fashion blogger, all you need to join those programs and start making money and not only you can make money but you are going to enjoy some cool fashion events also.

Here are the some of the ideas on which you can start your blog-

  • Makeup tutorial blog
  • Personal fashion blog
  • Men’s fashion blog
  • Makeup review blog

Top Blogger In This Niche

6- Tech and Gaming

According to me, this niche is quite hard as you should have proper knowledge about tech and gaming. If you are so good in this niche then within no time will make a hell lot of money from this niche.

As I see customers are not shy anymore, if you are gamers, you purchase all the latest game without caring about money.

So you have a good knowledge of tech and gaming then you start your blog-

  • Tech expert’s blog
  • Gadget blog
  • Game reviews and ideas blog
  • Software reviews and repairs

Top Blogger In This Niche


There you go. Above are 6 are most profitable niche which makes you earn some good amount of money.

Now you need to decide which niche you want to work on. Always try to pick a niche which has a bigger audience and market. Search and read every topic related to your niche and try to understand how that niche market works and when you need that you can do it then go for it.

Don’t worry about how to make a blog, I have written step-by-step on how to make a blog where you will cover everything in one place.

If you don’t ask for anything you will get nothing so please I am asking you to share this post so that others can find it and share this article on Pinterest.


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