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Today, you will learn how to start a blog on WordPress using Bluehost Web Hosting. I have written a complete step-by-step guide on how to start a blog which will help you to make a blog in 15 minutes.

I was so happy when I received my first dollar; blogging just totally changed my life and helped me to earn thousands of dollars a month. You can also start making money through blogging by just spending a few dollars per month.

Below, Bluehost Web Hosting provided a discount on the purchasing of Bluehost service to the Blogging ERA readers only with a free blog domain. Grab this offer as soon as possible because I’m not so sure how long BlueHost will give free domain for our readers.

We all want to save money, so choosing Bluehost Web Hosting will help you to save more money. Bluehost is very cheap and Bluehost is the best web host with many benefits. I personally have had a great experience with Bluehost. If you really want to make money blog, then you have to go for Bluehost web hosting. 

Blogging has been one of the best things I have done in my life. When I started my blogging I never dreamed about that I will be earning thousands of dollars in a month. Today I have a four-figure income and all thanks to blogging and I am expecting to grow even more in further years. Blogging plays a very important role in my life as it gives me time and money freedom. Today, I am able to work from home; I can travel whenever I want. Today, I am living my life as a boss and there are so many things that have improved in just the past few years.

There is no limit to blogging. Anyone can start blogging at any age and start earning money with a blog. All you have to work hard for a few months with full effort and dedication. Soon your empty pockets will be full of money. I am sure you will also start earning money as soon you have readied all the important topics related to blogging.

Before we learn how to start a blog, let me tell you little things about the Bluehost Web Hosting.

Bluehost is the one of the largest hosting company. Today Bluehost is hosting 2 million domains. You can start your own blog with Bluehost at $3.95 per month. To save more money I highly recommend to all to purchase at least 12 months plan. It’s affordable and it will also give you a free domain and if you can spend more money then go for 36 months plan where you will get more discount. But remember this offer is only through my link.

To get discount on Bluehost CLICK HERE, (this discount is only through my link) then use the tutorial below to learn how to start a blog.

I know you must be thinking that one can also start a blog for free on Blogger/Blogspot. The choice is yours only but I highly recommend making a blog on WordPress with Bluehost is necessary if you want to make money from your blog. As Blogspot platform is just for fun guys I bet you guys you can’t earn a single penny at Blogspot. So, don’t get in so much confusion and just for Bluehost Web Hosting.

There are so many benefits to making a blog on WordPress with Bluehost. First of all, it is very cheap and it also gives you a domain for free. In WordPress site with Bluehost hosting, you are free to run your own advertisements, affiliate links, direct advertising, selling, etc. and no one will ban your website whereas making money on Blogger is impossible or very difficult, as free blogging platforms are not totally under control of yours.

There are so many policies you have to follow in order to run an advertisement on free blogging platforms. So many companies even don’t allow doing advertisement on a free platform as it doesn’t look professional.

Let’s read out what are reasons for choosing WordPress platform and Bluehost Hosting and then read below how to start a blog

1- WordPress is very easy to use. Anyone can make and redesign the blog on WordPress. With the help of Bluehost creating a WordPress blog become easier.

2- Bluehost web hosting is cheap as well as it also provides you with technical support.

3- As compared to other hosting services Bluehost is quite affordable and the real expense to make a blog is just $3.95 per months.

4- No other web hosting in the world provide you a free domain.

5- To set up and install WordPress is absolutely free.

6- WordPress gives you the freedom to customize your blog in your ways.

7-  WordPress gives you a free important plugin which helps you to monetize your blog easily.

8- WordPress helps you to create your professional image to the readers.

9- You can add some amazing feature like forums, online store and many more.

10- WordPress is SEO friendly and a self-hosting platform.

Hope you got to understand that why 90% blogger uses the WordPress platform and Bluehost web hosting for their blog. If you really want to earn money from your blog then go for Bluehost web hosting and WordPress platform. To be very honest with you guys I have really a very good experience with Bluehost Web Hosting. Their services are really amazing and Bluehost will never disappoint their customers.

Now if you are planning to start a blog on Bluehost web hosting and want to learn how to set up a blog on WordPress then read below. Just go for blogging and always remember that I am always there for you guys, if in case you don’t understand anything, then ask me in a comment section. I promise you guys that I will replay to every comment or you can also send me an email regarding any problems.

Now let’s see how to start a blog on WordPress with Bluehost web hosting.



Step 1- Buy or Register Your Domain Name

The very first thing is to think about your domain name and a hosting plan from Bluehost. A domain is a name of the website. E.g.-,, So here Blogging ERA or Google is known as a domain.  Try to avoid these things while purchasing a domain.

  • Tries to purchase domain similar to the niche.
  • Go for the short domain name.
  • Try to avoid number in a domain.
  • Most important always go for dot com as its show international identity.

Sometimes it is really hard to choose a good domain for your blog. I don’t even remember when and how I come up with my domain name. When I told about my domain to my friend he gave me awkward smile and didn’t tell me anything about my domain. At that time I was regretting it and after a few months a magic happened and everyone starts talking about Blogging ERA.

As I already told you that Bluehost is providing a free domain for 1 year to Blogging ERA readers. So get your free domain free as soon as possible and now it’s time to select a hosting plan from Bluehost. I recommended you to go for 12 months Bluehost hosting plan. If you buy 12-month hosting plan then you save more money with a free domain for 1 year. If you have a more budget then go for 36 months hosting plan where you will save more money.

Once you have decided your domain now it’s time to select a plan and then click SELECT option.

Step 2- Buy Hosting Plan


Here I will tell you in brief that which hosting plan is best for you, and as I already told you that setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is very easy.

1- If you are a newbie then I recommend you to choose ‘Basic’ plan. As you see it is costing you only $3.95. So I think it is quite affordable for everyone to purchase it. So now you see if you are purchasing hosting for 12 months only then the price is $5.95 per month. If you are purchasing hosting for 24 months only then the price is $4.95 per month.

If you are purchasing hosting for 36 months only then the price is $3.95 per month. If you are purchasing hosting for 60 months only then the price is $3.95 per month. So now you see how you can save more money just by taking the higher plan. But if you are not so sure about your blogging that how long you will do it then I suggest you purchase basic 12-month plan as this planned price is great and there is no loss of money. So, in the end, it will cost you $71.40 a year with a free domain for one year.

2- While purchasing plan you will see plans like Plus or business pro plans. For now, you need to skip that plan as they are also very expensive. You can always change the plan in the future.

3- While purchasing you will see they are some option where you need to tick or uptick, I recommend unticking all of them as we don’t need them right now.

4- Last thing is Domain Privacy Protection, it is important to purchase as it will keep your contact information safe. But I recommend taking this after 3 months of blogging when you start getting good traffic.

Now once again, in short, I will tell you about the purchasing of Bluehost hosting. Go for the basic plan and purchase at least a 12-month hosting plan which will cost you $5.95 per month and $71.40 a year. If you can increase your budget then go for the 36-month hosting plan which will cost you $3.95 per month and $142.20 for 36 months. If you calculate it if you purchase 36-month plan then you are saving $2 dollar per month which mean 24$ a year and a complimentary free domain for a year.

Please try to avoid a purchasing of hosting month by month as it has so many drawbacks like if your hosting is not renewed or you forget to renewed or if your card expires, so in this case, you will lose your traffic and sale.

Hope you got to know about everything related to the purchasing of Bluehost hosting and the importance of good hosting. Now when you are ready how to start a blog, follow the step below and buy your hosting.

1- Click here Bluehost and then click the “Get Started Now”.


2- Select a package which you want. (I highly recommend selecting a basic plan for a newbie)



3- If you are looking for the new domain then enter your domain name in new domain box and click next or if you already have a domain then enter your domain name in the right one box and click next.



4- After clicking next you will see a page where you need to fill out your account information, package information, and payment information.


5-  After filling out your billing information, click next and there are some additional options you can purchase here but do not buy it now. You can purchase them later and Click Complete.


6- Congrats! Now you have your Bluehost web host and its time to create your password.

Step 3- Connect Your Domain And Your Hosting

If you buy your domain with Bluehost then you don’t need to read this.

But if you buy your domain through any other domain provider website, then you will need to connect your domain to your hosting account. You need to change your nameservers for your domains. Don’t worry every domain selling website have a complete guide to changing nameservers for your domains.

If you purchased your domain from GoDaddy then learn here how to change nameserver of your domain.

How to link your GoDaddy Domain to the Bluehost Web Hosting.

1-  Log into the


2- Click on your profile menu and then click my product on the right side menu and you will see this page and then Click on DNS option of the domain which you want to connect to Bluehost.

3-  This page will open and now scroll down and find nameservers option.


4-  Click on change and enter your nameserver and the click saves.


Step 4- Install WordPress On Bluehost

So this is the last step and in one click your WordPress will be installed. Bingo, now you can now set up your blog and start your blogging. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog as it will provide you a proper step by step guideline.

  • Login your account

  • Click on the close this window and don’t show me again as I’m helping you.


  • Click On WordPress to install it.


Bingo! You now have a WordPress blog.  Now all you need to work on the design and producing quality content.

If you got any problem with purchasing hosting to installing WordPress then feel free to contact me or do ask in the comment section.


Now let Me Tell You Some Tips On WordPress And Most Important Plugins-

1- To change your theme or to select your theme, click on the appearance menu from the left menu bar and then click themes and install any theme that you want for your blog.

There are so many themes which are free of cost but I recommended all my readers that go for premium themes only, even if you are a beginner. The blogging ERA has something very good for you all. You can see hundreds of premium themes at and you will discount if you buy it from My Link only. I personally have a very good experience with

Mythemeshop themes are SEO friendly, fast setup, money back policy, premium security, premium speed, powerful, elegant, reduced server load, compatible with latest WordPress, customizable and with high loading speed. 

You don’t need to worry about anything as they got 24*7 supports for their customers. So, if you really want to make a profitable blog, then I highly recommend going for the premium theme from only and you will get a discount over there.

This discount is only through my link. To purchase your theme CLICK HERE.

2- To add a post and to create a post, click on posts menu and click add a new post.

3- To save image click on media and save.

4- Sometimes I laugh at myself whenever I think about this mistake. I lost so many potential readers just because I didn’t collect emails from starting. In this case,  Sendinblue helps me so much. Sendinblue helps me to grow my blog. It is something which is built for you.

I recommend to all my reader to go for Sendinblue email marketing as it is very easy to set up, create subscription forms to build your email list, you can manage to subscribe lists from your WordPress dashboard and you start your SMS marketing campaigns. Sendinblue is such a great tool for bloggers. It is very important to collect email and to send newsletters then I recommend to use only Sendinblue.

5- Install important plugins like W3 Total Cachers and Shared Count.

6- Semrush- is one of the best all in one marketing toolkit for digital marketing. This marketing has been trusted by many big companies like eBay, Quora,, and hp. This is the most important tool on my blog as it helps me to earn thousands of dollars. So don’t be late and sign up today.

Benefits of this tools are-

  • Helps in SEO
  • Position tracking
  • Gives you an idea for gaining more organic traffic
  • Backlinks audit and analytics
  • Improve your ads strategy
  • Manage your keywords
  • Build your social media strategy
  • Discover best performing posts
  • Get instant insights into your social strategy
  • Discover trending topics
  • Help in choosing the most effective promotional channels

So these all are the benefits of this marketing tool.  If you want to make money blog, then you need to sign up for this marketing tool as it will tell all our errors and the solution for it. To signup click on the ad, you see in the sidebar.

7- All in One SEO Pro Pack (Search Engine Optimization) It’s time for the most important plug-in which will help you to get organic traffic from Google search engine. You can’t earn a single penny if you are not getting organic traffic. In the starting, I did not know about All in One SEO Pro Pack and I lost so many visitors.

So don’t be late like and purchase All in One SEO Pro Pack as soon as possible and you also get a discount if you purchase it from My LINK. I recommend to all my readers to go for the Individual plan where you will get a 50% discount through my link only.

There are so many benefits of using All in One SEO plug-in like

  • Advanced support for Woo Commerce
  • SEO for categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
  • Video SEO module
  • Access To Video Screencasts
  • Access to premium Support forums
  • Access to the knowledge center
  • 24*7 Support

It does also help your blog to connect with Google and Bing and if you want to make money from your blog. All in SEO also provide Blogging ERA readers discount.

To purchase your SEO CLICK HERE.

8- MonsterInsights– MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytic plugin for WordPress. It allows you to connect your website with google analytics and let you see more about your website visitors such as where are they coming from and for what they are coming.

MosterInsights also has a free version but I highly recommend to buy the paid version in order to make more money from a blog. MonsterInsights is also giving a 20% discount to all the Blogging ERA readers which are only through my link. MonsterInsights is very easy to install and you can enable the feature in just one click. You don’t need any coding.

To get your monsterInsight CLICK HERE.

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If you have any question regarding this topic, you can ask me in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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