Top 8 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

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Top 8 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic QuicklyTraffic play most important role in the blogging. More traffic means a bigger audience.

Increasing blog traffic is the major goal of almost every blogger and there is no reason a blogger shouldn’t want it.

There are many ways to increase blog traffic, but here you will learn how to increase blog traffic quickly.

This post is going to give you a bunch of good ways to increase your traffic.






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1- Content Is King

As a blogger, your content is everything, try to deliver your content in such a way that no one leaves your page without reading it. Your content should be helpful, informative and full of your personality. Deliver your content in such a way that people cannot find anywhere else. If your content is amazing then your readers will share it and you will get more traffic.

2- Promote Your Content

The more you will promote your article the more you will get traffic. It doesn’t matter if have hundreds of blog posts, but if you don’t promote them they will never be seen. I always have one fear that what if I write some awesome blog post and then it just goes unnoticed. So, it is very important to promote your content.

According to my experience, one should handle only 2 social platforms, try to focus on only 2 social platforms because to handle all of your social media you will need an assistant. Find out which platform is good for your promotion and then focus on that only and when you become a millionaire blogger then hire an assistant and then promote your blog on other social media platforms.

3- Build Relationship With Other Bloggers

It is very important to build a relationship with other bloggers in order to get backlinks. Backlinks drive traffic to your blog. Build your network by commenting meaningful comment on a blog similar to your niche and leave a link to your websites. Reach out to other bloggers through social media and try to collaborate with them and build a facebook group for your blog so that your readers can discuss things within your niche.

4- Website SEO

Website SEO is very important as it help in ranking your website on Google which brings you more traffic. SEO I quite complex but after certain practices, you will find SEO very easy. If you know SEO, then you need not worry about traffic. So, choosing the right keywords and creating backlinks to your blog are undoubtedly important.

5- Guest Post

Guest posting is one of the great ways to build traffic to your blog. Guest Post is when you write an article for someone else. Some of their readers might enjoy what you wrote and they will try to visit your blog. So, make sure when you are writing for the guest post that you need to create the first impression through your post in order to drive traffic to your blog.

6- Build Your Blog Community

Build your blog community where people can discuss with you. A community will keep your readers engaged and engaged community will happily share your content and they will try to refer new visitors to your site.

7- Get Listed

This is the another to increase traffic to your website. Try to get listed in online directories and review sites. These sites put your profile and a link to your website and a positive review is likely to result in website traffic.

8- Advertise Online

Advertise online will cost you but it is the most basic way to get a large amount of traffic. These paid search and display advertising are all the excellent channels to boost website traffic.


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